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Flissy is very, very good at this. After an in-depth discussion of my goals and the problems/hindrances to them, right before my eyes she mapped out a thoughtful yoga practice that addresses all of my issues. She also walked through it with me so I would be sure to do the poses correctly. I expressed to her that to me, yoga often hurts. She listened and the final result is a practice that I find challenging but not difficult and that takes only around 35 minutes. After only three weeks I’m already seeing improvements in my flexibility and just overall looseness and good posture. I’m considering having another session for different goals. I highly recommend Flissy, especially if - like me - you’re a little afraid of yoga.
— Robin R.

About Yoga Teacher Training with Flissy

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[Yoga Teacher Training] changed my expectation that the yoga immersion would mainly have an impact on my outer practice, to the extent that the practice would become more important to my inner self. I came to see I could lighten up on the achievement and excelling thing, and accept that the change in my yoga practice would come, with practice. It came to matter less when and if I could balance in a handstand, to whether I could fully occupy my body and breath. That was the gift of LifePower YTT - that yoga was no longer about achieving and expecting but about being. The next gift of it, beyond growing some wonderful new friends, came in that I could share the practice by teaching. That I can share that is now a distinct pleasure and honor!
— Adrian C.

My Life Power Yoga YTT training was an incredible experience. Learning and practicing the yoga philosophy was a challenge but also an incredible experience. Each teacher brought their own flavor to the experience which gave us wider view of yoga philosophy. It really changed the way I view myself, the world, and how I interact with others around me. I can think of very few experiences that can match the 12 week journey me and my fellow trainees made together.
— Josh S.

Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life. When I first considered participating, I thought it would improve my practice and help me with stress. YTT definitely achieved that. Now when I go to yoga class, my overall experience is so much better because of my training. I am also more flexible and stronger thanks to all of that Ashtanga and Vinyassa.

What I didn’t expect was the mental strength that surfaced from learning to calm my mind, my ability to have more rewarding relationships with people, and accepting myself for who I am. I am a better person in the world as a result of it. I really want to go out and share what I have learned with others so that they, too, can have that same buzz about themselves.

But the most important part of my YTT experience is having shared my experience with my new yogi sisters and teachers. I cannot imagine having shared that journey with anyone else. They are extraordinary and were the best part of training. I love them dearly!
— Thea M.